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Welcome to My name is Frank, I am a gun owner and enthusiast  . I have polished guns for some time now and have developed skills to produce a beautiful polished finish. Most of my work has been with a FFL Dealer and Gunsmith. I am responsible for Internet Sales on for my dealer. I offer my services on GunBroker with a Gun Polishing auction, please check my feedback - my user name is Lawnman380. I can polish and make repairs to most stainless steel guns and parts. I can also make repairs to Nickel guns. The process to send your gun is simple and my web page will answer some basic questions. please contact me with you questions, you will find my response time fast and I pay close attention to details.  Thanks, Frank    
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I am very active on, with excellent feedback   You may see the items currently available in my auctions here Please email me with any questions you may have: Auctions
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